• Crafting Gift Guide
    Organized Life

    Gift Guide for the Crafter

    Do you have a crafty loved one on your Christmas list? Whatever their favorite craft, there’s likely something on this list they would love. Have a look at these crafty items. 1. Craft Chair Finding a comfy chair for the…

  • Thanksgiving Healthy
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 12

    After having a delicious and happy Thanksgiving, it’s time to get back to work – eating those healthy, low-calorie foods. It’s not wrong to enjoy the yummy foods that come with the holidays, but enjoying them in moderation is the…

  • Blog for Profit
    Home Hustles

    Learning How to Blog for Profit

    Beginning to Dream When I was enrolled in the Business Administration program at my local community college, I took a class on entrepreneurship. One of our assignments was to come up with a business idea and then map out ways…

  • Thanksgiving Healthy
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 11

    Even though I tracked all my foods and fit everything within my points allowance, it was another discouraging weigh-in this week – just 0.2 lbs – making my total weight loss an even 20 lbs. So, my goal of losing…

  • Fall Wreath
    Crafty Things

    Fall Table Topper and Easy Fall Wreath

    While I’m sure everyone around me has been busy decorating for Christmas, I was in the mood for making some crafty fall decorations. Fall isn’t over until after Thanksgiving, right? Read on to see how I made a beautiful fall…

  • Fitness Gift Guide
    Organized Life

    Health and Fitness Shopping Guide

    Do you have health and fitness fanatics on your Christmas list? Find gifts for loved ones hoping to embrace fitness in the new year. Check out these ten fitness items sure to please those who are setting goals to be…

  • Thanksgiving Healthy
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 10

    When I started my blog, I never intended to be sharing a weight loss journey. However, sharing my progress has become a method of accountability for me. I know that after each weigh-in I will have to post my numbers…