• Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 14

    While each week brings its own challenges, the weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the hardest for those of us trying to lose or maintain weight. With goodies around every corner, in every breakroom, or at every…

  • Pampering Gift Guide
    Organized Life

    Top Gifts to Pamper

    Do you have someone on your Christmas list who deserves a little pampering. Below you will find gifts to treat them to a relaxing evening at home. 1. Comfy Lounge Pants These pants come in several cute patterns, including cats!…

  • Thanksgiving Healthy
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 13

    Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. How did you fare with your diet? Me, I think I did good. I enjoyed all that yummy Thanksgiving food, but I tried to do so in moderation (and let me be the…