Crafting the Best Life - About Me

About Me

Hello! I am Karen Morris the creator of Crafting the Best Life. I am the wife of Kenn, the mother of Austin, and a pet parent to Murphy and Mollie. I love the Lord and seek to please Him in all areas of my life. For 19 years, I was a homemaker, and for 13 of those years, I was also a homeschool teacher to my now college-aged son.

I began working outside of the home part-time in 2015 and then full-time in January of 2016. I thought this was what I wanted. After being a working woman for nearly three years, I am discovering how much I miss being at home. The extra money is great, but the time away from home and the way work zaps the energy right out of me has me looking for a better way.

How Crafting the Best Life Began

While enrolled in the Business Administration program at my local community college, I took a class on Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Marketing. In these classes, I had to make a business plan and a marketing plan. Now that I’ve graduated from the program, it’s time to put into use what I learned along the way.

After a day of working, my husband and I go into our makeshift office and work for at least an hour on our home business. It was to easy to make excuses because we were tired and ready to relax for the evening. Setting aside time helps us to focus on getting a business up and running.

Crafting the Best Life Now and Later

My desire for Crafting the Best Life is twofold. I want to share my ideas on what makes life easier or better while working, while at the same time I am looking for ways to create a side hustle from home which will hopefully become my main hustle.

Join me on my journey as I search for ways to transition from working full-time outside of the home to working full-time from my home. Along this journey, I plan to share ways to go after goals, save money, organize, save time, make time for crafts and hobbies, earn money from home, live well with a chronic illness, and create the best life.

My hope is what I share here on Crafting the Best Life will help you to seek ways to improve areas of your life where you are discouraged. Everyone has a different idea of what the best life is for them, but my hope is there will be ideas which will prompt my readers to look for ways to make changes which will improve their well-being.

What I Love

I love my family, immediate and extended, my kitties, and friends; and enjoy the relaxation which comes with being with them. Some of my hobbies include making different kinds of crafts, reading, puzzles, tennis and badminton, and travel.