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Fall Table Topper and Easy Fall Wreath

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While I’m sure everyone around me has been busy decorating for Christmas, I was in the mood for making some crafty fall decorations. Fall isn’t over until after Thanksgiving, right? Read on to see how I made a beautiful fall table topper and wreath.

Table Topper

Table Topper

I have had this beautiful teal pumpkin-print fabric for a long time. I’ve also had many good intentions, but just no time, to sit down at the sewing machine and use it to sew up a table topper until now. If you would like to make one, begin by purchasing the “Anything Goes Table Topper Quilt Pattern” found HERE. Then using the chart that comes with the pattern, cut out the pieces based on the size you need for your table. I would highly recommend reading through the instructions a couple of times before beginning the project as it is not one for beginners.

Step-by-Step Tutorial
  1. Wrap the wreath form with the tulle and pin in the back with one or two of the tidy pins. (I prefer to leave the plastic cover on the wreath just to keep things neater.)
Fall Wreath

2. With the snips, cut the flower stems to 2-3″ and push into straw form. If it’s hard to get them to go through, you can punch a hole with scissors or other sharp tool. For this wreath, I used 24 flowers. The number of flowers needed will depend on wreath size and flower choices.

Fall Wreath

3. Continue filling in with the remaining flowers in whatever order appeals to you. Do not fully complete the circle, however. Leave a small gap to allow for attaching the bow.

Fall Wreath

4. Make your bow and attach using floral wire. Trim the floral wire once you have secured the bow.

Fall wreath

5. Fluff up your bow and it’s ready to hang. Since I have vinyl siding, I use these¬†no-hole vinyl siding hangers to hang wreaths on the side of my house.

Fall Wreath

Make your wreath with any color flowers you choose to celebrate any holiday or season. I have personally made one of these with red, white, and blue flowers for the Fourth of July.

I’m going to enjoy the last couple of weeks of the Thanksgiving season before I decorate for Christmas. Yes, I’m a little behind in my decorating, but I am excited to display my new fall creations.

I want to wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’ve made anything crafty this week, please share.¬† I would love to see what you guys are making.

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