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Simple Winter Wreath Tutorial

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My fall wreath has been hanging on the outside of my house since around Thanksgiving. I had bought the supplies to make a winter wreath in December, but just haven’t had a chance to make one before now. Last week, I packed up my craft supplies and took them to work with me. On my lunch break, I pulled them all out and had me a little craft session.

This easy wreath can be made in under an hour.

Supplies Needed
Wreath Form 

I used a 12″ form, but use the size that works best for your house.

Burlap Ribbon

One 3 yard spool was enough for the 12″ form with a little to spare. If you go with a larger form, you may need more ribbon.

Decorative Ribbon

Choose a wired ribbon that fits with your decorations.

Tidy Pins (or Floral Pins)

These make it easy to hold the ribbon and accessories in place.


Snips are great for cutting floral wires and the wired stems on the decor.

Floral Wire

For tying on decor and the bow.

Seasonal Decor

Choose flowers and greenery for the season you’re making the wreath for. I used berries and a type of pine leaf greenery stem.  I also used small Christmas candle rings for added decorations.

Wreath tutorial
Putting it Together

Step 1 – Wrap the wreath in the burlap ribbon (or ribbon of your choosing). Use the tidy pins to hold the ribbon in place once wrapped.

Step 2 – Attach the seasonal decor with the floral wire or tidy pins (use the one that works best for what you have). Trim the stems with the snips so they will fit better. I used the floral wire to attach the berries and greenery and the tidy pins for securing the candle rings.

Step 3 – Make the bow, or buy pre-made. I made this bow last year at a bow-making class I attended.

Step 4– Attach the bow with floral wire.

Step 5 – To hide the floral wire, cut a 3-4″ piece of the burlap ribbon and tidy pins to cover the wires.

wreath tutorial

That’s all there is to it! Now you have a beautiful wreath to hang on your door or on the front of your house.

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