20 Low Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Foods
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20 Low Point Foods for Weight Watchers Freestyle

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While on Weight Watchers (WW), it helps to have low point foods you can enjoy. And in most cases, dieting requires you to swap out foods you like (that aren’t all that good for you) with healthier, lower-calorie options (that may not taste all that great). There are certain foods that I simply refuse to replace, but for others, if I can find a low WW (a.k.a. SP) point option that tastes good, I’m all in. Below is my list of 20 low point foods for Weight Watchers Freestyle that have helped me stay within my daily points goal and lose weight. 

Eggs and Dairy Velveeta Slices, Hilshire Farms Smoked Turkey Sausage, Babybel Cheese, Al Fresco Turkey Bacon, Simms Turkey Snack Sticks, Frigo Cheese Heads Mozzarella Sticks, Tyson Chicken Breast Fillets, and Great Value 12 Count Jumbo Eggs

1. Turkey Sticks – 1 SP

We generally purchase these from Walmart or Aldi. They are healthier than their beef cousins and have a surprisingly great flavor.

2. Tyson Grilled Chicken Fillets – 0 SP 

You can’t beat Tyson Grilled Chicken Fillets. Pair them with some G. Hughes Barbecue Sauce for an amazing flavor! I also like to cook them in Mexican seasoning and serve them in Xtreme Wellness Tortillas for a quick fajita lunch or snack.

3. Al Fresco Chicken Bacon – 0 SP per slice (or 1 SP per 4 slices)

While Al Fresco Chicken Bacon doesn’t quite taste like real pork bacon, it does have a great flavor. The bacon is pre-cooked so all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave. Cook it for the minimum/recommended time, and it comes out chewy – like jerky. If you cook it slightly longer (about 20 seconds at high power), it comes out crispy and crunchy – just the way I like it!

4. Hillshire Farms Turkey Smoked Sausage – 2 SP

I confess – I have a weakness for smoked sausage – it is one of my favorite foods. And it’s something you might see on my breakfast or lunch menus from time-to-time. The spice blend in Hillshire Farms Turkey Smoked Sausage adds so much flavor and makes a great kielbasa.

5. Hormel Turkey Pepperoni – 2 SP for 17 

Turkey pepperoni can be used on Joseph’s Pitas or Xtreme Wellness Tortillas to make mini pizzas. Just grab a jar of pizza sauce and some low fat or fat free cheese. You can also pair them with a cheese stick or a Babybel cheese round for an awesome protein snack.


6. Babybel Light and Light String Cheeses – 1 SP

When you just want something to hold you over until your next meal, grab one of these. Pairing them with a turkey stick gives you a protein punch that helps you feel full.

7. Velveeta Slice Cheese – 1 SP

Finding a low-point slice cheese, which also tasted good, was hard to do. Velveeta sliced cheese fit the bill plus it melts great in a grilled cheese sandwich.

8. Eggs – 0 SP

With eggs being so filling and zero points, they make an appearance on my menu quite often. Boiled, scrambled, as an omelet, or turned into egg salad – their versatility makes them go well with just about any meal.

Snacks Great Value Pretzel Sticks, Lays Poppables, Nabisco Multigrain Club Mini's, and Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers

9. Lays Poppables Snack Bags – 2 SP

If you love potato chips, then Lays Poppables might be your gift from Heaven. In each small half-ounce bag, you get approximately 14 chips for just 2 SP. Similar-sized bags of chips or cheese puffs can cost you as much as 4-6 SP! However, with Lays Poppables, you can get your potato chip fix and save a bunch of points. 

10. Pretzel Sticks – 1 SP

Points vary for different brands, but the Snyder and Great Value sticks allow you to have more for fewer points. You can have 26 of the Snyder and 25 of the Great Value for only 1 point.

11. The Corn One Crackers – 2 SP for 29 (or 3 SP for 41)

Though good just on their own, try melting a little cheese over them for a yummy snack

12. Keebler Clubhouse Mini Multigrain Crackers – 3 SP for 24 

I love Keebler Clubhouse Crackers! Having one of these, spread with some homemade pimento cheese, is like eating a tiny square of Heaven.

13. Goldfish Crackers – 2 SP for 32

Craving something crunchy in the afternoon? You can’t go wrong combining Goldfish Crackers with cheese. 

Breads Sara Lee Delightfully Low Calorie Multi-grain Bread, Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat Pita Bread, and Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Tortilla Wraps

14. Xtreme Wellness Tortillas – 1 SP 

A regular white tortilla can run between 4-7 points, depending on the brand and size. When your plan has a point limit, that’s a lot of points to spend on just a tortilla. These 1 point wonders has been a lifesaver for me. Not only do I use them for Mexican-style foods, I also use them for meals that usually require buns – like hot dogs and turkey sloppy joes.

15. 40-45 Calorie Bread – 2 SP per two slices 

In a lot of diets, bread is considered a no-no. As long as you’re not on a low-carb diet, this low-point wheat bread provides an option to have an occasional sandwich. I love using it to make low-point grilled cheese. Aldi, Sara Lee, and Nature’s Own all have a low-calorie bread.

16. Joseph’s Pitas – 1 SP

I use Joseph’s Pitas in place of hot dog buns, sliced bread, and tortillas. I also us them to make sandwiches and mini pizzas. Eat them folded over like a soft taco, or face-open filled with meat, veggies, and cheese. They taste great!

Condiments G Hughes Sugar Free Barbecue Sauce and Heinz Ketchup

17. G. Hughes Barbecue Sauce – 0 SP 

Hands down, this is the best barbecue sauce on the market! My husband and I absolutely love this stuff; and the best part, it’s sugar-free.

18. Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup – 0 SP

I use Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup in recipes and as a side. No one likes spending extra calories on condiments, so save your points and opt for this ketchup.

Fruits Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas, and Mott's Unsweetened Applesauce

19. Unsweetened Applesauce – 0 SP

Up until recently, I had never had unsweetened applesauce, so I was surprised at how good it tastes. I didn’t miss the sugar at all. This is my afternoon pick-me-up.

20. Fruit – 0 SP (for most fruits)

I usually have several servings of fruit each day. My favorites are bananas, strawberries, and oranges.

WW Branded Snacks

Weight Watchers (WW) makes a line of their own snack food products (with the points value stated on the packaging). While some of these are really good, in my opinion, their cost outweighs their taste. Occasionally, I have a few on hand, but they are not foods I rely on to keep my points low. I feel that doing so would cause my pocketbook to go on a diet, too.

Disclaimer Time

While these are foods I enjoy, I am in no way a nutritionist. All I’m doing is sharing foods and food products that have worked for me within the WW plan that I’m on. Like many of you, there are certain times of the day when I crave certain kinds of foods. Having low-point options available calms my cravings and helps me stay within my daily points allowance. Before beginning any diet, or if you’re having trouble losing weight, I would definitely recommend speaking with a professional.

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