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Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

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Who hasn’t struggled with losing weight and keeping it off? Like many of you, trying to diet on my own left me losing and gaining the same 3-4 pounds each week with absolutely no progress. Last Monday, after weeks and weeks of disappointment, I decided to join Weight Watchers. For anyone who may not be familiar with Weight Watchers, it is an organization that helps people lose weight by using a points system called SmartPoints. There are weekly weigh-ins and meetings where you can share your successes and struggles and gain support and accountability from others.

And to prove to you just how serious I am about taking better care of myself (as part of my accountability and in hopes of inspiring others), I plan to share my journey with you by updating my weigh-in losses and gains and exercise plans right here on my blog each and every week.

Meal planning is also important, so with each weigh-in post, I will share the meals I’ve planned for the week and the SmartPoint (SP) values associated with each one. I usually plan the same thing for breakfasts and lunches each week, so these won’t be all that exciting, but I promise my dinners will have more variety. Just keep in mind that my side dishes will probably be whatever vegetables we have on hand.

After my first week, guess what? I had my first weigh-in and I am down 5.4 lbs!

Below is my meal plan for this week. I use 5 Dinners 1 Hour recipes for our meals (check out the 5 Dinners 1 Hour website here). Since I’m only cooking for two, they usually last us longer than a week, so I may not need to plan meals for a couple of weeks. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we generally eat salads, but to shake things up, I will likely eat a chicken and cheese pita along with my salad this week.

My meal plan for August 12-18. For the point values (SP), I entered the entire recipe and servings into the recipe creator on the Weight Watchers app.


  • Oatmeal (¼ cup, uncooked) – 2 SP
  • Strawberries (1 cup) – 0 SP
  • Plain yogurt, nonfat – 0 SP


  • Egg Salad (with 1 TBSP light mayonnaise) – 2 SP
  • Joseph’s Pita – 1 SP
  • Sweet Peas – 0 SP


  • Easy Marinated Steak with Corn on the Cob (½ tsp. butter) – 7 SP
  • Crispy Cheddar Garlic Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potatoes & Peas – 8 SP
  • BBQ Baked Chicken with Corn and Sweet Potatoes – 10 SP
  • Slow Cooked Salisbury Steak (using ground turkey) with Green Beans and Rice – 10 SP
  • Slow Cooked Creamy Turkey and Potatoes with Peas – 4 SP
  • Salad (with 1 tsp dressing) – 1 SP
  • Cheddar and Chicken Pitas – 3 SP
Example prepped meals


  • Bananas – 0 SP
  • Strawberries – 0 SP
  • Grapes – 0 SP
  • Cheese Sticks – 1 SP
  • Ice Cream Sandwich – 7 SP
  • Weight Watchers Popped BBQ Potato Crisps – 2
  • Weight Watchers Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar – 2

My exercise for the week will consist of:

  • Monday & Wednesday – Treadmill 30 minutes
  • Tuesday & Friday – Bicycle 30 minutes
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays – Badminton

Last week I tried doing the treadmill three days in a row. Bad idea! Because of my rheumatoid arthritis, this left me hurting too bad to exercise a fourth day. This week I plan to alternate the treadmill and bicycle to see how that affects me. My husband and I try to play badminton twice a week, weather and schedule permitting. We have a portable badminton set we take to an empty cul-de-sac down the road from our house. It gives us time to discuss our day and provides some well-needed stress relief.

I would love to hear about your healthy habits! What do you do for diet and fitness?

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