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Create Your Own Vision Board

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Have you ever heard of a vision board? A vision board is a collage of pictures, photos, and inspirational quotes all with special meanings geared toward helping you reach a personal goal. Vision boards are either physical or digital and creating one will help you keep your plans and visions for the future at the forefront of your mind and life. Here are some steps you can take to create your own.

How to Create a Physical Vision Board

Making your vision board doesn’t have to be an expensive project. All you need to start is to gather together some old magazines, print out a few of your favorite inspirational quotes (I recommend using Pinterest if you can’t think of any), and select several personal photos that have special meaning and that you feel will help you achieve your goals. Next, grab a pair of scissors, some glue or pins, a few pieces of cardstock (to glue magazine pictures on), and a board of some type (this can be a bulletin board, poster board, cardboard, or any fairly large surface). Then follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Think about the goals you want to achieve and how soon you’d like to reach them.

Step 2 – Flip through your stack of old magazines and cut out any words and pictures which make you think about those goals.

Step 3 – Use a camera to take your own photos or print out existing ones that will help you think about your progress.

Step 4 – Print out some inspirational quotes which describe the mindset you would like to have.

Step 5 – Glue the above items to cardstock and then glue or pin them to your board in an eye-catching manner.

Step 6 – Hang your vision board in a place where it’s clearly visible. With your goals in plain sight, you will be more likely to remain encouraged.

To make my vision board, I first found a bulletin board at Goodwill for $3. Then a generous friend gave me a stack of old magazines. I worked on my board for several days at work during my lunch breaks. It now hangs in my office and encourages me to keep reaching towards my goals.

Tools I Used:

  • Bulletin Board – I used one similar to this one. I found mine at a thrift store. You could also use poster board or cardboard. 
  • Card stock – The card stock provided a more solid backing for the magazine cutouts.
  • Scissors – for cutting out your magazine pictures and quotes.
  • Glue Sticks or Thumb tacks– I used glue to stick my pictures to the card stock. If you have a regular cork bulletin board, you can use thumb tacks.
  • Old Magazines – A friend brought me a stack of old magazines. Use what you have or check free sites to see if anyone is looking to get rid of some.

You probably have most of these items on hand. Substitute with free or inexpensive choices to make this a frugal craft project.

Make a vision board
How to Create a Digital Vision Board

If making a physical vision board seems too time-consuming or involved, create a digital one instead using Canva or Pinterest.

Using Canva:

Step 1Canva is great for creating digital designs. Once you’ve created your free account, choose a premade or blank template and begin building your board. Google “Canva vision board tutorial” to learn more on how to work with Canva.

Step 2 – Search online and save images and quotes you find and like.

Step 3 – Upload your items from Step 2 to Canva and arrange them on your template in any manner you choose. Make it simple or exciting – just make it about you!

Step 4 – You can print your digital vision board to hang it where you are able see it every day, or save it as an image and use it as a screensaver or background for your computer or phone.

Create a Vision Board
Using Pinterest:

Step 1 – If you don’t have a Pinterest account, sign up for one for free.

Step 2 – Start a new board – name it something that will remind you that it’s for your goals. Decide if you want it to be visible to anyone who might want to follow you or if you’d like for it to be private.

Step 3 – Begin searching and pinning. There are no rules here. Pin anything that will help encourage you. It could be an image, a quote, or a blog post. Make this board yours.

Step 4 – Be sure to bookmark your board. Then, whenever you’re needing encouragement, you will be able to quickly refer back to it and stay motivated.

You can choose one of the above options or do all three. The more your mind is focused on your goals, the more likely you are to achieve them. When you need encouragement and a new focus, refuse to give up! Instead, look at your vision board, read your quotes, go to one of the encouraging blog posts you’ve pinned, and keep striving to reach those goals!

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