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Goal #5 – Read More Books

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Of all the goals I’ve set for myself for 2019, reading at least four books a month has been, without a doubt, the most difficult to achieve. I love immersing myself in stories and learning about new ways to “craft the best life”, but finding time to actually sit down with a book is hard, if not impossible, for me. I have so many enemies fighting against me with lack of time and tiredness being the worst two. However, in 2019, I have resolved that I will fight harder to achieve this goal.

My favorite genres of books are Fantasy and Self-Help (Christian or secular, as long as I’m in agreement with the principles of the book), and Christian Fiction.

Here’s what’s in my reading stack right now:
Books I would like to read this year are:
Choosing What to Read:

There are a few different ways I choose books to add to my reading list. Some of these are:

  1. Amazon recommendations – I often notice other interesting book titles when looking up a specific book on Amazon.
  2. Following favorite authors – Keeping up with my favorite authors provides easy new book options.
  3. Bloggers – My favorite bloggers review books they have been reading or intend to read.
  4. Podcasts – Listening to authors discuss their books on my favorite podcasts helps me determine interest.
  5. Friends and family – Friends and family share book recommendations with me.
  6. Pastors – Our pastors frequently recommend books to our congregation.

Finding time to read is important for relaxation, learning new things, and entertainment. What are some books on your reading list this year?

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