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How to Stick to a Diet While on Vacation

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Vacations tend to do nothing more than complicate even the best-intentioned weight loss plans. There are usually way too many restaurants to choose from with plenty of sweet shops along the way, with all of them screaming for our attention. Add to this the unfamiliarity of the area where we’re staying which makes meal planning and exercise way more difficult than it ought to be.

If you are like me and are determined to stick with your goals, below are a few of my personal tips to help keep you on track.

Tips to Stay on Track
  • Choose healthier options at restaurants such as grilled chicken and vegetables.
  • Pack go-to snacks which fit into your diet prevents purchasing less healthier options at drive-thrus or convenience stores.
  • Buy snacks and ingredients at a local grocery store near your destination is less expensive and provides healthier options.
  • Order what you want but eat until you’re just satisfied. This allows you to eat all the things you love in moderation. Stop before you are stuffed will mean you saved more than a few calories.
  • If the food you order isn’t great, don’t eat it. Unfortunately, this may not be an option if that is your only meal option (like on a long flight). However, eating food you don’t truly enjoy will only cause you to eat more of something you don’t really need later.
  • Plan some activity in your days. Shop, walk, take a hike, use the hotel or a local gym, go for a swim, or play tennis. Break up long car rides by planning stops along the way to stretch your legs. Always try to stay active.
  • Planning a long flight? Thomas Cook offers several simple exercises you can do before and during your flight on his blog (https://www.thomascook.com/blog/infographics/your-flying-health-and-fitness-guide).
More Tips to Stay on Track
  • Eat lighter meals throughout the day. This allows for a splurge in the evening. Just don’t overdo the splurges.
  • Plan ahead by checking out a restaurant’s menu online. This prevents impulsive ordering of unhealthy foods. Most chain restaurants list nutritional information online, making it easier to see which options will work better for you.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated. Dehydration cues can be mistaken for hunger.
  • If there are no healthy options which suit your tastes, order what sounds good and split the amount of food in half. Portion sizes in some restaurants provide way too much food.
  • When buffets are unavoidable, fill your plate with mostly vegetables and a grilled or baked protein. Stay away from fried foods.
  • Don’t stop tracking your foods. Being aware of what you’re eating will make for better meal choices when you dine out.

Remember you’re on vacation. Pay attention to what you’re eating, but enjoy a few treats. Vacations are for rest, relaxation, and experiencing new places and flavors. If you overindulge, get back on track as soon as you return home. Losing weight is a long process and you should be able to enjoy life while you are on the journey.

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