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Setting Goals Instead of Making Resolutions

We have all heard of New Year’s resolution makers and breakers. Some folks stick with them throughout the entire year, while others forget about them by the second week in January. Though there’s nothing really magical about January 1st, many people see this day as a time to start something new or to try to make changes in their lives.

2018 Goals

I tend to not make resolutions. I do, however, set goals. My 2018 goals were really continuations of ones from 2017 – to save money for a new car, lose weight, graduate from college with straight A’s, and get a blog up and running.

I knew the odds were good that I wouldn’t complete some of them by the end of 2018, but that didn’t stop me from trying. How did I do? Well, for the first two, I managed to save nearly three quarters of the amount needed for a new car and I lost 25 lbs. Both are works in progress, but I am very pleased with my progress so far.

The last two goals I completed. First, I graduated with straight A’s. Definitely not an easy task while working full-time; but I worked hard and stayed focused on my goal. Second, I started my blog. While there’s much still to be done, and it’s a never-ending process of posting articles, I was able to design it and upload my first content last year.

A New Approach

But now, in 2019, I’m trying a different approach – Lara Casey’s Powersheets. Lara is the creator of the site Cultivate What Matters. She encourages users to use her Powersheets to dig deep and find out what goals are going to be the most important to them in the new year. Once these have been determined, there’s a tending list for each month that’s used to complete them.

The tending list is where you write your “action steps” for each day, week, and month. You use stickers to color code your different goals and mark your progress. Once the month is over, you rate how well you did and determine what steps you need to “tend to” in the next month. The tending sheets are perforated so you can tear them out and keep your action items in a place where you can see them every day. One quick word of advice – it’s important to not overcrowd January – doing this will prevent burnout by trying to do too much.

While doing the preliminary pages in the Powersheets, you are able to determine threads that connect each (or most) of the areas that you want to cultivate. You also can choose a “Word of the Year.” Though it may not fit all your goals, this word should be an obvious theme as to what you want your focus to be throughout the year.

A word of caution – the Powersheets are not a daily planner – they are specifically for setting goals. Lara encourages Powersheets users to pair her goal planner with their favorite daily planner.

Cultivate what matters
Will it Work?

I’m eager to see if the Powersheets can help me stick to the goals I’ve set for 2019. So far I have set 7 for myself, along with a list of several habits I’d like to change. In upcoming posts, I will share my goals with you along with some of the action steps I’ve taken to reach them. I will also share what my “Word of the Year” is for 2019.

Where to Buy

If you’re interested in Lara’s Powersheets collection, you can check out her products here. In addition, her book Cultivate spoke to me in many ways. You can read my review of it here. I am currently working through another one of her books, “Make it Happen”. I will review it with you once I finish reading it.

If you have Amazon Prime, she has her six month “Powersheets Undated Goal Planner” and her “Write the Word” Bible Journals available with free shipping.  She’s always offering coupons to her shop on either Facebook or Instagram, so if you’re interested in buying, weigh the costs of each one to see what the better deal will be.

It’s always fun to use good-quality pens and pencils, especially when using a pretty new planner. I found these Papermate Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical Pencils and these Pentel Energel Pens which are both available in pretty colors.

What About You?

I would love to hear about your goals or resolutions for 2019 and the systems you use to stick with them! Please share in the comments!

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