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Weighing in on April

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With this weigh-in post, I’m trying a new format. Once you read through it, I would love to know your thoughts – Do you like it, or do you prefer the old format? In what way can I make these posts better?

When trying to lose weight, it’s not always about the numbers that show up on the weigh-in scale (although, I do like it when they move in the downward direction). Sometimes it’s more about those non-scale victories you experience that really motivate you.

Non-Scale Victories in April
  1. Smaller jeans – The jeans I had been wearing were getting too baggy, so I found some in my closet that were a size down. It feels so good when you start seeing results like this (and my husband noticed, too).
  2. Looser tops – I haven’t gone down a size in my tops (they were tight to begin with), but they are starting to fit like they should.
  3. Pain free knees – When I visited with my rheumatologist back in the fall, I complained about having constant knee pain. My knees hurt whether I was walking, sitting, or standing, and I couldn’t find any relief or any way to really get comfortable. Since starting Weight Watchers (WW) and Zumba, my knees have seen a huge improvement. I hardly complain about them anymore and I was so excited to share this news with my rheumatologist during my last visit.
Weight Loss comparison

Unfortunately, along with those victories, April also brought some struggles

April Struggles
  1. Losing tiny amounts of weight and even gaining it back (the horror!) – Reaching the 30 lb. weight loss mark has been a struggle for me, especially those 5 pounds between 25 and 30. After experiencing miniscule weight losses for most of March, I had one nice weight loss mid-April, only to gain most of it back the following week.
  2. Running out of steam – I got bummed out and didn’t want to track my points and wanted to eat what I wanted. Sometimes it’s no fun to watch what and how much you eat.
  3. Fearing giving up – I joined WW several years ago, and once I lost 25 lbs, I became tired of recording points and just wanted to eat what I wanted. That didn’t work too well for me. Now, I have the fear of giving up because I’m at the same place I was the first time I quit and I’m not seeing the scale move as much as I’d like.
April Weigh-ins

I started my weight loss journey on August 6, 2018, with the hopes of losing 128 pounds. There is still a long journey ahead of me with this goal, but I am determined to lose the weight. I also have to be patient with myself and be at peace with my progress. This is a learning process and the rewards don’t come easy, but for the most part, I’m sticking to watching what I eat and working out at least 4 hours a week.

I love my Zumba classes! They add an element of fun which makes exercise enjoyable. When you love what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like exercise. I encourage all of you to find an activity you enjoy and a way to work it into your daily or weekly routine. Making healthy choices needs to be a lifestyle priority – I wish I hadn’t waited so long to make one of mine. I will continue my Zumba classes four times a week. 

If you’re interested in my meal plan, you can check out my menu HERE.

As a side note, my menu doesn’t include weekends. Our weekend meals are not always planned. Sometimes we receive a meal delivery box and sometimes we cook special meals we don’t normally have during the week. 

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