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Weighing in on July and August

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Hi! It’s me again – weighing in on July and August. Is it just me or did those two months fly by like a blur? They were truly busy for me and the busyness made it hard to stay on track with my weight loss plan. Now that it’s September, I’m hoping things will slow down a bit. However, in spite of all that went on in my life, I have some big successes to report.

My July and August Successes
  1. I flew for the first time ever! What does this have to do with weight loss? Well, two of my biggest fears about flying were 1) that I wouldn’t fit in the airplane seat; and 2) that I wouldn’t be able to fasten my seatbelt without an extender. I am so thrilled to report that not only did I fit in the seat, but my seatbelt fastened without any assistance! If I had not been losing weight, I can only imagine how embarrassed I would have been.
  2. I maintained my weight while traveling. I traveled twice in July and had to dine out for most of my meals. When I weighed-in after my first trip, my weight didn’t change. At the weigh-in after my second trip, I had actually lost weight. I contribute this to splitting my meals in half and only eating until I was full. As many of you know, tracking food from restaurants is very difficult, especially if there’s no nutrition information provided. So, needless to say, to come out with a loss was a major win!
  3. I dropped a shirt size and another pants size. This to me is one of the biggest payoffs. I love being able to buy smaller clothes (and discovering old ones I can wear again buried in the back of my closet). 
July Weigh-in
My July and August Struggles
  1. One of my biggest struggles was tracking all of my food. I generally start the week off with good intentions, but then the busyness catches up to me and causes me to forget to track everything. Traveling and dining out more than normal didn’t help matters. I seriously need to work on creating a habit for tracking my food.
  2. My exercise schedule was off. Between traveling and my Zumba instructors taking vacations, exercise was more hit and miss than I like. So, with things settling down some, I am looking forward to getting back to my normal Zumba routine.
August Weigh-in

While summer was busy, it was filled with things I enjoyed. It might have felt hectic at times, but I look back at the memories I made and the little successes along the way and am pleased with how I was able to maintain and even lose weight while on trips. I would have even been okay with gaining a small amount in exchange for the experiences. 

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Me, after one year of Weight Watchers and Zumba
My meals for September are:

A little side note about my meal planning – It’s just me and my husband, and we’re light eaters, so meals can last us up to three days. I might cook 2-3 meals each week, it just depends on how far our leftovers stretch. 

Recipes are from:

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