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Weighing in on May

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With each weigh-in, it’s not all about the numbers going down – I also want to know that other good things are happening. Focusing on all aspects of my health journey has kept my mind focused and discouragement at bay. As a result, I feel better, move better, and these things make me happy.

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May “Non-Scale” Victories
  1. People are starting to take notice. Lately, I’ve had several people come up to me and ask if I’ve lost weight. After a long time, it’s finally starting to show! Yay!
  2. I have continued prepping my lunches each week according to my monthly meal plans. Sticking to this means I am more likely to stay within my points allowance and avoid the temptation of ordering out.
  3. I can climb steps without holding onto handrails. As anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis knows, steps can be a major struggle. The combination of weight loss and Zumba has made my legs stronger, and they definitely feel better!
May Struggles
  1. I was reminded again as to why weight loss knowledge and accountability are so important. I switched from doing evening weigh-ins to doing them during my lunch breaks. Sure, this allowed me to save some time so I could do more in the evenings, but skipping the meetings and workshops soon began to feel like an important part of the process was missing. I wasn’t learning anything nor was I being held as accountable as I could have been. So, I’ve started back doing my weigh-ins in the evenings and staying for the meetings and workshops.
  2. I didn’t do too hot tracking my foods. I started off May doing pretty good, but I fell off the wagon somewhere. I’ve begun putting more focus on tracking meals and snacks. I want to a better job of this in June.

I had a total weight loss of 1.2 pounds – bringing my overall total to 31.2 lbs. While progress has been slow, I’m not giving up – I’m determined to get this weight off!

For June, I plan on continuing my four Zumba classes each week. Also, my employer is offering to help pay for a membership to a local gym for employees who are interested. I intend to sign up so I can begin strength training. I want to target my arms, legs and abs. This should crank up my metabolism even more and boost my weight loss efforts.

Click HERE for my menu plan for the month of June.

I would love to hear about your healthy living journey. What kinds of things do you do to work on getting healthier or to stay healthy?

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