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Weighing in on October

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October proved to be a much better month for my weight loss when compared to recent months. I saw bigger losses than I’ve seen in a while. The main reason I believe is attributed to intermittent fasting which I started the second week in October. With intermittent fasting, I skip breakfast then eat my regular meals for the rest of the day. I can truly say it has helped me in more ways than just weight loss.

October’s Successes

I began experimenting with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting really helped move my weight loss along a little faster. By skipping breakfast and eating beginning at lunch time, I am fasting for 14 hours and I have an 8 hour window in which I can eat. I’m still using Weight Watchers, but I just felt I needed an extra boost as my weight loss seemed to have stalled somewhat.

I did better at tracking my meals last month. Tracking allows me to see how many points I’ve used and how many are left as I go through the day. It really works well when my meals are planned (more about that later) and I can track everything beginning first thing in the morning.

October saw less snacking. One key area I changed was taking snacks to work. If I bring any type of snack, it’s usually a banana or other fruit. Generally, when I’m snacking at work, one snack leads to another, and another, and then I end up snacking all day long.

Weighing in
October’s Struggles

Now about that meal planning…Let’s just say it wasn’t great last month. Knowing what I’m having for every meal each day helps me with tracking my points. When you’re trying to lose weight, meal prepping is a great way to set yourself up for success. However, instead of thoughtfully prepping my meals for the week, I’ve been kind of throwing things together at the last minute. I know this has hurt me more than it’s helped me.

I struggled with missing breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and by doing the intermittent fasting and skipping it, though I’m not super hungry, I miss the habit of eating breakfast every morning.

After several months of slow progress on my weight loss journey, it was encouraging to see the scale starting to go down a little quicker. I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been in too many years to count. 

Weight Comparison

How are your fitness or weight goals going? I would love for you to share your tips and tricks for staying true to your health goals. If you’ve faced discouragement, have you tried changing things up?


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