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Weighing in on September

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September was tough for my weight loss goals – I barely lost any weight the entire month. Over its four weeks I lost a little, gained a little, and experienced no change at all. I guess the best news about September was that I maintained my weight. I will take this as a win and move on to October. I’m at a point in my journey where I’m exploring other options to affect some sort of change. I’ll keep you updated on what I decide to do and if it works.

September’s Successes

Our company’s annual outing was at the end of September. This year our trip was to the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, NC. If I hadn’t been losing weight, I wouldn’t have been able to participate in any of the activities. However, I was able to jump off the 100 ft. platform, zipline, and whitewater raft. There were even eight difficult rope bridges I was able to successfully navigate. I was sore, sunburnt, and physically exhausted when it was all over, but so happy that I was able to participate.

In spite of my roller-coaster weight loss, my Zumba attendance stayed steady throughout the month. There were days when I was physically and mentally drained, but I pushed on and attended classes anyway. Zumba is one of the highlights of my day and it has helped me so much over the past year with my weight loss and joint flexibility.

September’s Struggles

My meal prepping suffered this month. I didn’t plan and prep my meals as faithfully as I have in the past. A lack of meal prepping usually means more eating out and eating things which aren’t good for me; which is exactly what happened. I will work to get back on track with this next month.

I’m still doing a poor job of tracking my meals. Tracking is so very important in order to know the number of points (or calories) you’ve consumed during the day. As a Weight Watcher member, keeping up with your daily point totals is a key part of your successful weight loss journey. As with my meal prepping, I will work on doing better with this in October.

Weight Loss

Overall, I’m still pleased with where I’m at right now. I’m fitting into smaller clothes and I’m enjoying adventures that a heavier me would never have been able to do just a year ago. Like many of you, I’m fully aware that my weight-loss journey will have its ups and downs and at times it won’t be easy, but I’m not discouraged. Here’s hoping to a smaller me next month.

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