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Weighing in on Week 6

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Have you ever worked so hard at dieting and exercising that you feel as if the weight should be dripping off of you? That’s how I’ve felt this week after riding the exercise bike twice, doing Zumba class three times, and tracking all of my meals and snacks. But at weigh-in this week, I was surprised that I only lost 0.6 lbs (making my total weight loss so far just 16.2 lbs). Not the numbers I would have liked to have seen, especially after all that work and diligence, but at least it’s still in the downward direction, right?

This week, I’m back to my oatmeal and fruit for my breakfasts. I’m trying a new zero-point chili recipe for lunches, and we still have three meals leftover from dinner meal prep two weeks ago. Our son is planning to come home from college for the weekend (which should take care of some of those leftover meals), and we also have a church picnic which will change up the meal plan some for next week.

  • Oatmeal ¼ cup (sweetened with stevia) – 2 SP
  • Banana – 0 SP
  • Strawberries – 0 SP
  • Toasted cheese sandwich – 6 SP
  • Zero Point Chili  – 0 SP (This chili is delicious and so easy to make. It was posted by Amy at DIY Candy. You can get the recipe  HERE. For me and my husband, I used only one can each of the beans, one can of the Rotel tomatoes, and I adjusted the spices back just a little. Even with these adjustments, it made more than we could eat in a single meal.)
Dinners (to prep using 5 Dinners 1 Hour):
  • Maple Baked Pork Chops – 5 SP
  • Pepper Steak Patties – 2 SP
  • Slow-Cooked Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Loin – 5 SP
  • Vegetables for side dishes
  • Bananas – 0 SP
  • Cheese Sticks – 1 SP
  • Weight Watchers Chocolate Supreme Mug Cake – 3 SP
  • Breyers No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream – 4 SP
  • Great Value Turkey Sausage Sticks (1 stick) – 1 SP
  • Lays Poppables 0.5 oz Snack Packs – 2 SP
  • Cookie bars – 6 SP
  • Monday – Exercise Bike
  • Tuesday – Zumba
  • Wednesday -Zumba
  • Friday – Exercise Bike
  • Saturday – Zumba (?)

I have really enjoyed the Zumba classes. They make exercise so much more enjoyable than plodding away at a treadmill or exercise bike (and they get my heart-rate up to between 125-150 bpm – which is good). The start times of the classes makes it difficult to fit them into my schedule. However, I plan on rearranging my schedule so I can attend them more often – you do whatcha gotta do, right?

I hope your wellness journey is going great! I would love to know what you’re doing to become or stay healthy. Comment below and let me know!

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