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5 Dinners 1 Hour – My Honest Review

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Are you tired of rushing to get dinner on the table in the evenings? Worse yet, are you ordering out more than you like? Are you tired of serving unhealthy food to your family? Well, that was me until I discovered 5 Dinners 1 Hour (click here to visit their site).

When I first visited their Facebook page, it claimed to show me how to prep meals in an hour or less. Skeptical, but intrigued nonetheless (and desperate, mind you), I watched one of the videos. One video turned into two and two into several. They bill themselves as “The Meal Prep System that gives you dinner time super powers!” And believe me, because of them, I do now have dinner time super powers!

The Plans
5 Dinners 1 Hour offers two meal prep plans – Classic and Clean Eating. There is also a Combo plan which allows you access to both plans. And with the Combo plan, you get a Cold Lunch plan as a bonus.

Each plan offers customized serving options. Their automatic settings are set at six servings, but you can adjust this up or down. I chose the Custom Combo Family Plan and set my meals to 3 servings. This allows leftovers for lunches and such, or enough food if our son is home for the weekend.

After you sign up, you choose five recipes you’d like to cook within the week. This creates recipe and grocery list print outs based on the serving size you selected. You then compare the grocery list to what you have on hand and check those items off. Once you know what you need, you purchase your groceries.


Many subscribers recommend against prepping the same day you shop, but sometimes there’s no other choice. They do, however, recommend eating any seafood first, and then prepping the remaining meals in order of meat expiration dates. Some dinners can be frozen if your family can’t eat them before they expire.

Prep Your Meals

The prep is so easy and fast and everything either goes into a freezer bag or into a baking dish. The directions are very simple to follow. They describe everything from what you need on cooking day to what side dishes to fix. And get this – the side dish recommendations are generally included on your grocery list.


Before prepping, I recommend writing what the meal is on the freezer bag. This way you’ll know what’s in it on cooking day. I would also recommend writing the meat expiration dates on the bags. This lets you know by what day you need to cook them. I keep all of my recipes for the week in a folder. When I get ready to cook a meal, I pull out the recipe to check the cooking directions and see what sides I need to prepare.

Most of the meals my husband and I have tried have been great. We both agree that this meal planning service is a keeper. We really love having new recipes to try and5 Dinners 1 Hour keeps their service fresh by removing 20 old recipes and adding 20 new ones at the beginning of each month.

If you’re interested in prepping your meals,  or curious like I was, try their $2 sample plan with no further commitment to buy anything.

Have the Right Tools
Below is a list of some great meal prepping tools that I have personally tried. I’m confident they will make meal prepping even easier for you: If you are looking for even more time savers, have you looked into meal delivery services? Please check out my reviews of HelloFresh and EveryPlate.

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