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How to Get Dinner on the Table Every Night

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Do you struggle with getting dinner on the table in the evenings? Does exhaustion at the end of each workday keep guiding you into fast food drive-thru lanes? Does the idea of healthy, easy to prepare meals that you and your family can sit down and enjoy together seem like a thing of the past? What if I told you there is actually a service out there that can not only solve these problems but also save you time and money? Well then, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you…Eat at Home!

Eat at Home takes the “thinking” out of preparing home-cooked meals. By using their service, you’ll get meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and more covering several cooking options, including 15-minute, slow cooker, and Instant Pot. Now you can know with a little more certainty what’s for dinner throughout the week – isn’t that half the battle of getting dinner on the table?

Eat at Home offers four different meal plan options – Traditional, Wholesome, Slow Cooker, and No Flour/No Sugar. You can choose either one complete plan or individual recipes from any of the four; and if you join and become a member, you’ll gain access to all of them. Once you select what you want to prepare, Eat at Home will provide you with a color-coded shopping list so you’ll know exactly what to buy at the grocery store. You can try a sample menu HERE

For a limited time, Eat at Home is on sale for 30% off the annual meal plans using the code FALL at checkout. Say “yes” to having a plan for dinner every night.

All Eat at Home Meal Plan members get:
  • Four monthly menu plans to choose from (you get access to ALL FOUR: Traditional, Slow Cooker/Instant Pot, Wholesome and No Flour/No Sugar)
  • 1-Hour Freezer Stash Menus – fill your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour!
  • 15-Minute Meals for your busiest nights
  • Small family and large family recipes
  • Color-coded grocery lists to make shopping a breeze
  • Printable menus
  • And more!

I recently tried the Complete BBQ Chicken Dinner recipe. Now, I must confess, how this meal cooked was completely new to me. It’s composed of chicken, cheesy potatoes, and corn on the cob and they all cook separately in the slow cooker (wrapped in foil), but at the same time! And it was so good! Yes, mind blown!

I like doing slow cooker meals on Sundays because the food cooks while I get in my Sunday afternoon nap. The great thing about the Complete BBQ Chicken Dinner recipe was that it only took 15 minutes to put together, which allowed me to get in a few extra “z’s”. And, since I’m only cooking for my husband and myself, and we’re light eaters, this meal will last us for several nights to come.

I remember when I was a full-time homemaker and having the responsibility of getting dinner on the table every night. Trying to think of what I was going to cook each week was a struggle. I would rack my brain trying to come up with meals my family wouldn’t get tired of eating. Now that my husband and I are empty-nesters and I work full-time, I still have a plan for every night, but meal plans like Eat at Home allow for leftovers that we can either eat again within the week or freeze. This saves us a lot on our grocery bill!

If you have a busy and hectic life, it’s so important for both you and your family that you have a meal plan. It’s a foolproof way to ensure that your family gets nutritious food instead of junk food and fast food. Using Eat at Home can help you have the right meal planned each day during the week. Even for those evenings when you have to work late or have somewhere you need to be. 

Regardless of whether you’re new to meal planning or a seasoned pro, let Eat at Home do the thinking for you and say “yes” to having your meals planned out each week! Use the code “FALL” to save 30% on annual plans.

Free Instant Pot School

Oh, and by the way…Do you have an Instant Pot just sitting around that you haven’t used or use infrequently but would like to use more often? If so, then Tiffany from Eat at Home offers a free Instant Pot class for Instant Pot beginners. Sign up HERE.

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