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EveryPlate – My Honest Review

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In Search of a Less Expensive Meal Delivery Service

Recently, I came across a $20 coupon to try the meal delivery service EveryPlate. After doing some research, I discovered that they are less expensive than most of the other meal delivery services out there. So, with my interest piqued, I visited their website and placed an order. What follows is my honest review of EveryPlate.

Ordering My First EveryPlate Box

When choosing my first box, I selected one that serves two people three meals a piece. After that, I chose the meals I wanted. EveryPlate pre-selects three, but you can edit your selections to choose others. There are also $6 premium meals available. The meals I selected were:

  • Herb Butter Steak with Potatoes and Broccoli (this is a premium meal which added $3 per serving to the overall price of the box)
  • Honey-Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini
  • Cowboy Skillet Pie (made with ground beef, onions, potatoes, peppers, and sour cream and topped with cheese)
EveryPlate box contents
Unpacking my EveryPlate box

What I Liked

  • Timing of the box arrival – I received the box via FedEx on Thursday which allowed me to cook the meals over the weekend when I had more time.
  • The meals were simple – Each recipe had a few vegetables to chop up, but prep was very minimal. The side dishes were simple, letting the main courses be the stars of the show.
  • All the produce was fresh – Everything looked good when it arrived on Thursday and lasted until we cooked the last meal on Sunday.
  • All of the ingredients were accounted for – It defeats the purpose of subscribing to a box if you have to hunt down ingredients that 1) you’ve already paid for, and 2) were supposed to have been provided in your kit.
  • Good food – The meals were all delicious. Out of 10 stars, we rated them 7 and above.
  • Good for cooking on a weekend – All three meals took between 45 minutes to an hour to prep and cook. To me, this is great for weekend cooking because that’s when I have the most time. During the week, due to my schedule, I like meals that take 30 minutes or less.
  • The price – I paid $26 for our first box (the two servings for three days kit). This price included a shipping fee of $8.99, a discount of $20 because of the coupon, and a $6 extra charge for the premium meal I chose. Without any premium meals added, the regular pricing for this box comes to just under $40 with shipping.
  • Portion sizes were just right – Each meal provided just enough food for my husband and I with no leftovers (well, except for my portion of broccoli from one meal, yuck).
  • Packaging – The food was packaged well so that all items arrived cold and fresh.
Review of EveryPlate
What I received in my EveryPlate box

What I Didn't Like

  • Food was not separated into meals – Okay, here’s where HelloFresh spoiled me a little. HelloFresh portions their meals into separate bags so you only need to pair the included proteins. With EveryPlate, all of the produce was in a box, while the sauces, spices, and other condiments were all in a Ziploc bag. This came across as kind of thrown together and unprofessional looking to me.
  • There are only five meals to choose from – I’m kind of a picky eater, and the fewer meals there are to choose from means there’s a good chance I’m not going to like one of them. Most other meal delivery services have more choices. HelloFresh, for example, offers at least 15 rotating menu choices each week.
  • There is a shipping fee – Not a big deal-breaker because even with the shipping fee of $8.99, the meal delivery box is still cheaper than most other services. I just felt like griping because I hate paying shipping on anything.
  • No extra side with one of the meals – The Cowboy Skillet Pie had a mixture of mashed potatoes which went on top of the dish, but there was no side dish to go with this meal. It seemed kind of lonely on the plate.
EveryPlate Review
Clockwise: The EveryPlate box, the Herb Butter Steak, the Honey-Glazed Chicken, and the Cowboy Skillet Pie

Would I Order From EveryPlate Again?

I definitely would order EveryPlate again. We loved the food even more than HelloFresh and the prices are better. The meal prep wasn’t intense and the cook times fall in line with how long I prefer to be in the kitchen cooking. The HelloFresh meals took much longer to prepare and cook (you can read my review of HelloFresh HERE).

The dislikes I listed are minor; I’m just sharing my entire experience from start to finish. With the $20 EveryPlate coupon you’ll receive just for clicking the referral ad below, you can order your first box for about $26 or less. This is the best deal on a meal delivery box I’ve seen since I’ve started checking out what all is available.

Have you tried EveryPlate? I’d love to hear about your experience with this service. Please share your thoughts below.

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