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8 Money-Saving Apps

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Finding ways to save money isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are apps today that can help. And if you’re like me, every penny counts. The apps I list below are just a few that can help you stretch your dollars. For me, it sure beats clipping coupons, and it doesn’t take long for the savings to start adding up!

  1. Ibotta – With Ibotta, you choose the offers you want from select stores. Sometimes you may have to watch an advertisement or answer a survey question (don’t worry, they are generally very quick and easy). Follow the instructions to scan your receipts, and once you reach $20, you can either cash out your savings through Paypal or select a gift card.

2. Checkout 51 – This app is similar to Ibotta’s – you select the offers you like, purchase the products and scan your receipts. However, with Checkout 51, once your savings reach $20, you can request a check.

3. Walmart Savings Catcher – With the Savings Catcher, Walmart finds the deals for you. Once you scan your receipts, the app searches for any store (both locally and near your location) that has a better price and the app calculates the price difference. Your savings are loaded onto a Savings Catcher eGift Card.

4. SavingStar – SavingStar works a lot like Ibotta and Checkout 51 – you link store loyalty cards for the stores you want to shop at, and select the offers presented by the app. Then you simply use your loyalty cards or upload receipts. Once you reach $20, you can cash out.

5. Shopkick – Shopkick allows you to earn rewards with activities such as walking into a partnered store, scanning barcodes, purchasing items, uploading receipts, and shopping online. Use your “Kicks” to purchase gift cards.

6. Achievement – The Achievement app allows you to connect your fitness tracker and earn points by going about your regular daily activities. You get points for nearly anything your fitness tracker records – heart rate, steps, overall activity, sleep, and weighing yourself (if you weigh on a scale that’s connected to your fitness device). There are also surveys you can take to earn points. It takes a while to earn the $10 needed to cash out, but keep in mind this app runs in the background while you’re doing everyday tasks. Unless you’re taking a survey, it really isn’t even necessary to pull the app up but just to check your balance.

7. Walgreens – The Walgreens app has a feature that connects with your fitness device as well. Users can earn “Balance Rewards” for healthy choices. And like the Achievement app, it runs in the background tracking your steps. You can also log your weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, and your progress if you’re trying to quit a smoking habit. Use your Balance Rewards to receive money off purchases in the store.

8. Amazon – Use the camera function within the app to scan a barcode while in a store to see if it is less expensive on Amazon or through an Amazon Marketplace seller. There are no points or rewards to earn with this app; it’s just a way for you to find a cheaper price.

As you can see, saving money doesn’t have to be a challenge. However, it might take a small army of apps to get the most rewards and find the best deals, but like I said earlier, every penny counts.

What apps do you use? Post a little about it in the comments below. I would love to discover something new.

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