• Weight Watchers
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Weeks 20-21

    After several weeks of minimal weight loss and a slight gain, I was down 1.4 lbs for week 20 and down 0.2 lbs for week 21. This makes my total weight loss 26.6 lbs. So at least after week 19’s…

  • Crafty Things

    Simple Winter Wreath Tutorial

    My fall wreath has been hanging on the outside of my house since around Thanksgiving. I had bought the supplies to make a winter wreath in December, but just haven’t had a chance to make one before now. Last week,…

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Chronic Living

    Living Life With a Chronic Illness

    Life With RA How do you “craft the best life” when you’re living with a chronic illness? I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 16. However, the symptoms began appearing a couple of years before my diagnosis.…

  • Weight Watchers
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 19

    After what I thought was a bad dieting week last week, a 0.4 lb. weight gain only confirmed. While this is discouraging, it is the first time I’ve gained since I’ve been on the Weight Watchers program. Would you agree…

  • The Best Life

    Best Games for Family Fun

    If one of your goals for this year is to spend more quality time with your family, a great way of doing this is to set aside frequent time for family game nights. Below, I’ve compiled a list of our…

  • Weight Watchers
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 18

    I have a confession to make – Last week, I really struggled with my diet and ate some foods that I shouldn’t have. But here’s the thing, I would have eaten more calories trying to satisfy my cravings instead of…

  • Setting Goals
    Goal Digging

    Setting Goals you can Achieve

    Setting Goals Instead of Making Resolutions We have all heard of New Year’s resolution makers and breakers. Some folks stick with them throughout the entire year, while others forget about them by the second week in January. Though there’s nothing…

  • Weight Watchers
    Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Weeks 15-17

    While I haven’t been posting about my weight loss the past few weeks, I have still been attending my weekly meetings and weigh-ins. No, I haven’t been slacking off, I have just been enjoying a well-needed break from my laptop.…

  • Goal Digging

    Weighing in on Week 14

    While each week brings its own challenges, the weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas can be some of the hardest for those of us trying to lose or maintain weight. With goodies around every corner, in every breakroom, or at every…